The Chattri, near Brighton

Some of you know I’ve been having a hard time in the media, linked to a job I left two years ago.

It is distressing to have my experience of depression raised in the context of questions about my reputation and competence. It brings back how lonely I sometimes felt in the 13 years I was a mental health trust chief executive.

But it is nothing compared with losing someone to suicide or homicide, whether preventable or not. My heart goes out to anyone who has ever experienced these terrible things. I am sadder and more sorry for your loss than I have words to express.

And to those who care for people who experience mental illness. We need you to keep going now more than ever. You are not perfect. None of us are. But no job could carry more risk and sadness or be less well understood by the media. Your courage and compassion in the face of everything I mention in my previous blog, make me feel humble.

Thank you.


  1. Hello Lisa – as someone who knew you well a long time ago, I wanted to say how much I look forward to receiving and reading your posts; they really make me think. The last couple in particular have really moved me and maybe it is because I am getting older, but they took me back to a time when I was very involved in counselling and supporting people having a range of difficulties. The things I learnt from them and the understanding my own training, development and reading around helping people has always provided me with a positive basis throughout my career. So thank you Lisa for keeping me grounded. I will look forward to further postings. My best regards Margaret B.


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